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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Hair on cape


  1. Ausgezeichnet-so wonderful. Thank you for share. Plenty of hair on cape depicting need for good shaving and sprucing. Like smile on face in foto 2 also

  2. The clippers on the neck in bottom photograph showing them dropping hair all over the cape very spectacular

  3. good selfys- appears clipper over comb in foto 1 to set hair on cape and then in #2 did get lucky enough thinking to see hair flying in air from shearing??

  4. such a wonderful feeling of the clippers and comb on the neck. I always build for the excitment of getting a haircut like this every month or sometimes sooner

    1. I agree. Ever since my man talked me into going ultra short on my neck the anticipation and stimulation is wonderful. And for him as well