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Thursday, July 7, 2016

My June haircut

Sorry for being sooo late! Before during and after haircut pics.


  1. Jawohl- you needed serious clippering. If lived close to you- would be your friseur for free. Having honor of clipping lovely nape you have and do it sensually draping you with soft silk cape and snugging just so around neck- maybe even give you neck kiss while doing and when done

  2. Wow, you really needed a hair cut! Looks very nice. I bet it feels good too

  3. Yes- cutting ones lass's hair in sensual and sexual way highly stimulating

    1. Did this with 2 different girls dated- enjoyed administering as well as receiving

  4. What a difference! Doesn't that feel nice, walking out with a fresh new haircut? People are nicer to you. When I go out with a fresh bald head the grumpy lady at the gas station is all smiles. Do you notice that from some people?