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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ladies going to barbershops, a new trend?



  1. Thrill of lady being sheared for her man and the thrill for herself doing the act- totally wunderbar. All are winners in the senual love hair world

  2. PassionCare site-fantastic lady there julie Bobgirl. What a sexy edgy sensual elegant nape shape and clippering she sports

  3. Speculate once can get gal to get nape sheared she will repeat. Shock and awe on faces first time spectacular. They also realize the sensual pleasure it gives of the act of the shearing feeling of the vibrating clippers and sensual pleasure they can then give their other with the touch of the ultra short hairs if any left at all on nape

  4. Clippers are being oiled up for your nape Harriett- barbershop style- cape and alles