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Sunday, March 22, 2015

And hair started falling as the clippers devoured my hair on March 2015..

Feeling kind of nervous... Cape tightly fastened around neck, it was my moment of submission.


  1. That's all your going to show us! Come on!

  2. Awesome- please more photos. Want to see that smile of satisfaction across your lips and the finished cut. You rock the cut and glad it rocks you.

  3. Hope it is short short short

  4. Did request the stylist to use a #1 guard or go with no guard?. Anticipating seeing more photos of finished product/style

  5. when my frau had lip long short bob- I would clipper her hair in back to keep ship shape between cuts. She would shake and shudder with the clipper sensation up back of head and on neck

  6. Approaching 2 weeks since the lovely clippering that had pulse elevated and looked so good. Have you purchased a small set of clippers for your significant other to spruce and tidy up those little ornarie neck hairs that appear between your shearings( sheer delights for many). Vielen Dank( many thanks)

  7. How fantastic for you! To submit to the clippers and feel your heart racing. So bold of you. So proud of your forging ahead and claiming your sexuality.


    1. And Harriett looks so awesome with the neck buzzed